Charcoal dust for weathering fabric?

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by Cameron1138, Mar 16, 2015.

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    I've got some questions for people who weather fabric. I'm making a denim coat that I want to look old and worn, and I got the idea to try rubbing charcoal on it. I'm wondering two things: 1) would at least some of the dust stay on the fabric pretty well, or would it all rub off eventually and get on other things (I'm probably going to use the coat for non-cosplay purposes from time to time, so I don't want it to be shedding charcoal dust wherever I go), and 2) would having charcoal dust on the fabric make it significantly more flammable? I know the dust is flammable when in the air but I have no idea how that would change when it's on fabric. I realize that if I'm not planning to be around open flames it's probably not a huge issue but I'm just kinda paranoid.

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    Instead of charcoal lightly spray with black primer than throw it in the shower and go over it with a scotch brite pad to remove most of the surface paint but leaving it in the pores of the fabric.

    Charcoal is extremely messy and will get on everything.
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    I rubbed some charcoal on one of my jackets for weathering, it was on felt areas i added, (and felt is basically plastic not actual fabric) but it held on for a month or less with frequent wearing. It looked nice while it was on, but eventually rubbed/fell off. After a while, i grabbed a fabric pen, saturated a paper napkin in its ink, then buffed that on where it was needed. Since its purpose is for clothing it stayed on

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