Character Option Sonic used in Doctor Who fx filming

Anakin Starkiller

Master Member
Hey, guys. So, for a long time there was a rumor that CO sonic screwdriver toys were used in Doctor Who as props. This rumor was generally untrue as just about every time the sonic appeared on screen in series 1-4 it was a metal prop. However, it looks like in the series five episode 11th hour, when Matt's sonic explodes, the fx team used a CO sonic rigged with explosives for the effect. If you check out this pic of the burnt-out sonic

you can clearly see that this prop, before the pyro work, was a CO sonic toy.
It looks like they replaced the wires in the center with the series 4 yellow wires and the body was full of explosives. But, if you check out the emitter, this is definitely a CO head. So, for you budget minded fans. Your CO toys are now replicas of a screen used fx prop. :)