Chameleon Bio and dread bead designs


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I havent posted anything for a long time, almost a year . I was sitting at school and i had some ideas i wanted to put down on "paper"... Photoshop.
I would like to start producing some stuff and selling it, so i thought maybe making some dread beads would be a good start, but i would like to see what people think of what i have so far to determine if my designs are desirable enough to go into production. Constructive Crit is greatly welcomed, and any ideas would be nice too.
I like this.................A LOT!!! That Bio concept is siiiiiick!
Nice work, very nice.

Can't wait to see some parts cast up.

I like the giant dread bead dude that is cool now is this a facehugger cut-up or bone?

thanks. its a vertebrae from some large creature. I like the look of vertebrae on the dreads but i knew someone did it before, so i was thinking a large one that holds several dreads would be cool, kinda like a top knot or something
i was wondering what people cast their dread beads out of? I was thinking smoothcast 325 or something like that would work.
I jjust think its such a sweet concept. I imagine the predator that wears this bio to be REALLY good at hiding and blending with the environment. Maybe like a really good scout. How much would they run brother?
you should do it regardless of whether or not you sell any. it would be a sweet project to have in your portfolio.

first step though, i would try to find what you are going to make the lenses out of. that's a very specific shape for a see through lens.

i say go for it!
Daman is right. Do what YOU want to do. At the very least you have a bio that YOU like that nobody else has. It will be a great design and learning experience. I will be joining you soon in a sculpt as well. ;)

I really hope you do this... I love it
well i was thinking regardless i would like to do this and a mask but i have school related projects to do as well. So i get pretty busy and they wouldnt be done anytime soon, but anything would be nice to add to the portfolio. im not too sure what i would sell them for but most of the materials i already have or i can get for free from the school and i wouldnt have to pay as much out of pocket, so i think i could afford to price them cheaper then some of the people who put alot of money and hours into making things. First thing i need to do is get a job so i have that extra money just incase, and its good to have a job

i think i could pull off the round lenses. its intended to look like the 3 black holes are what the predator would look through but that would make it impossible to see in real life. If i could find some kind of oneway tinted plastic or something that i could spray over clear plastic i can use a vacuum form.
if you have access to a vacuform then that's def the way you want to go. especially if you plan on copies. finding two way tint wouldnt be that hard either.
Heres a idea for a mask and some more bio drawings.

the head is referenced from Narin's young wolf kit. I changed the angle of the top of the head and rounded it back a little kinda like a P1 head.




sorry i dont know why they are sideways
he looks young. i like the look you have going.
making the mouth area slant back as seen in the first profile pic is interesting. since most bios mouth area jut outwards.
i think the eyebrow ridges/horns look good as long as they are more subtle. any bigger than what you have and it would be too much.

nice work!
i really like these concepts, i hope you go through with them.

those are my opinions. take em for what they are worth.
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