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Hi everyone! I got early notice for a renaissance fair this summer and so... I though I'd throw together a Monty Python Black Knight costume! So, upon closer examination, he has helmet/neck chainmail and what looks like a long sleeve shirt and pants of the same. HolyGrail016.jpg
If anyone has a link for cheap imitation chainmail gear that'd be great! If not, any help with throwing something cheap together would be helpful too!
Thanks for looking!


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Most movie chainmail including the stuff in that movie is actually made from knitted wool, painted silver and ironed so it gets some flat edges to pick up light. Not sure of the exact process but take a look at screenshots from most medieval films and it becomes obvious.


The only real chainmail I remember from the Holy Grail is Arthur's aventail (the stuff dangling from the helmet) which is real mail but not made to combat standards.


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Making chainmaille isn't difficult. If you don't want to make your own rings you can order them from or other places. And rather than making the whole shirt, you could start with just the pieces that you can see, attaching them to the surcoat.


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TL;DR at the bottom:

As a mailler I must say that making your own is very easy. And it is also rather relaxing. I make my own rings, which could prove to be difficult at first, but I enjoy it a lot. I have been mailling for about 8 years now. Take it for a try and show us how things go! I find that TRL can be quite expensive, but on the other hand it can be worth it if you want to get involved in weaving directly without spending too much time making your own rings. Start out with small project first and work your way in to bigger projects, like a coif or even a shirt.

I am not sure how the rules are for posting links to external sites on here, as I am a new user, but a friend of mine recently showed me a website selling quality maille (according to him, at least. He owns one from that site). If links are allowed (I'll read through the forum rules again, don't worry), I'll post the link to the website selling the maille items.

TL;DR: Buy rings or make your own and give mailling a go. Visit the M.A.I.L. archives for excellent patterns and tutorials. If you're not interested in making it yourself, I do have some links to maille objects.

P.S. I could post some pictures of my own projects if you'd want that!


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Welcome, WpA09.

I'm in total agreement with you. Making maille is deceptively easy, especially the standard 4-in-1 pattern.

As long as the links aren't to anything illegal, or to something connected to a banned member, post away. And I'd personally love to see some of your creations. You might start your own thread for it, though, rather than putting it here in BobasDent's thread.
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