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Hey guys, I am a big Seaquest DSV fan and during a recent trip overseas I got addicted to everything Seaquest after watching some episodes from season 3. So I have been slowly collecting a few of the old action figures and model kits from Ebay but I did acquire this original prop from the show.






Its called a CGO Remote Control Scanner and was seen in the 3rd season episode "Second Chance". It is in pretty good condition but has some sort of glue material on the top of the prop, which has affected the green paint in that area. The prop uses 8 x AA batteries and is in working condition with all kinds of flashing LEDs, toggle switches and power bars to create the scanner look.

The original Seaquest auction tag is also present as well, stating this prop was item number 196-010 and listing this prop as being in the Second Chance episode.

I have watched this episode after I acquired this prop but the screen used version looks slightly different so Im unsure if it was a backup prop or a screen used prop. If someone knows please let me know.

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