Cereal killers pager from the film Hackers


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I've made a few of these and I always make them by spraying the back of the plastic screen and dropping in a water slide paper. In fact that's how I've seen everyone make them till now.

This is what it looks like when you spray paint the back with gold. It's not bad but it also lacks the depth the actual prop has.


But I decided to do something different on this build making this what I feel is the most accurate recreation I've seen.

First I decided that I wanted my pager to look like it was actually getting a page. To do this I split the LCD


By slowly heating then peeling off the backing. Once completed I added the water slide paper to the reflective backing.

20210123_000041.jpg 20210122_233041.jpg
After this I put it all together and finished the build.

The key to getting that florescent yellow is first a base coat of white. The krylon paint simply runs if you don't do that first.


Once dry then apply a few coats of the yellow.


After that simple toss it all back together and add the LCD we created earlier. And here are the final results, I honestly was not sure this would work and was very surprised at how much it looks like the display is actually getting a page.

This is my first build I'm sharing here if I've violated some rule let me know but I read the rules and think I'm good. Thanks for reading my build.


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This looks fantastic! Legitimately one of my favorite movies and a great, iconic prop.

All I have is a lousy copy of the garage file....


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One of my favorite films of all time also, and thanks man I really love it. And the trash file is now something I need lol.


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Part of me kinda thinks that's awesome the other part can't pay 35 dollars for a floppy signed by my least favorite character lol. But thanks for the heads up much appreciated!
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