Ceramics - Star Trek DS9 Raktajino Mug


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My wife is a ceramicist and so I thought I'd use her skills to make a DS9 Raktajino mug. This started off as a 3D printed mould, then into a silicone mould, then into plaster of paris, then used to slip-cast porcelain. Quite the time-consuming process but it means I can make more if I want a set, now I've made the moulds.
Now looking for another similar project if anyone has any ideas? Any feedback gratefully appreciated (however critical!)

Screenshot 2022-11-04 at 10.56.41.png


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Kudos to your wife, that's a lovely replica.
You can enjoy your hot beverages in true Star Trek style.

I have a fair few of the DS9 mugs but not a maroon/dark cherry Raktajino mug, I have a green and blue mug.
Thank you; that's a phenomenal set you've collected there! Are they all original pieces used on the set?

We tried making the smaller Raktajino but found it wasn't very useful - it didn't fit under our espresso machine and it didn't hold much coffee!

Mind you, these big ones hold about a pint! I really enjoyed the process of designing the mould and the rest of it - I just need to think of another piece of ceramics that I can produce. Perhaps a Klingon Bloodwine Mug?


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They aren't set used but they are the same manufacturer and models as the ones used on the show. It took a long time to gather that set together.

Who can argue with a pint of tea/coffee.
Best of luck with yours and your wife's next ceramics collaboration.

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