Celebrate LOST day! 4/8/15 at 16:23 and 42 seconds.

kristen jones

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Because they were featured prominently throughout the series. They were a re-ocurring mystery to be pondered (like so many other things on the show)

...And Happy Lost Day GURI ! Love the avatar... Juliet is my Favourite :)


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Never got into the show really. Why exactly are these numbers a reference?
One of the main characters heard a man in a mental institution with him repeating them, so he played them in a lottery and made $114 million and proceeded to have bad luck thereafter and blamed the numbers. He gets to the island and the numbers are being repeated on a radio transmission, written down by a woman that has been on the island for 16 years and are the serial number on an entry way hatch that leads to secret living quarters. Then, at the end of the series the main characters who survive are all associated with these numbers on a wheel in a Lighthouse that when pointed at their number shows the house they grew up in - meaning they were being watched by the person who brought them to the island.

Off the show the numbers represent a universal equation that predicts the end of the world unless one of them changes... and one of the underlying themes of the show is 'Man of Science, Man of Faith?" and one of the men who represents the number 23 who is a die hard man of science ends up becoming a man of faith and saving the world from destruction.

So yeah, they are kind of important numbers. :D


Kristenhenry70 - You too! I like her mostly, she was awesome with Sawyer, but I am a bigger fan of Kate's character arc - didn't like the love triangle wish washy stuff, but the way she went back for Clare and I always loved that Kate doesn't listen to anyone unless she agrees. Juliet has this way of working with and agreeing with whoever is in charge at the moment so long as it can get her what she wants. Which is one way to win the game of Survivor, (a great parallel) but not my favorite way of living...

But I have Juliet as my avatar because I have a Juliet costume because I look more like her...


In celebration of Lost day, save something for someone...



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Yeah!!! i love LOST!! i just finished the series for the first time! What a great show.. but now that I finished it I dont know what else to watch.. any ideas?





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You guys know Jacob was really the bad guy of the show. The man in black / smokey was the real good guy.

happy lost day.


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No way I see it like that that. I'll have go back and try to rewatch them or atleast give myself a refresher. As I recall ( I'm a bit fuzzy since its been a long time) that smokey was just Forced there and was trying to leave. They kill his mother and he snapped. Jacob was a sheep to those people and also caused all the crashes to the island. so Jacob is a mass murder and likes to play games with people while smokey was tying to help them. I really really hated Jacob I know that much.

Anyway, im not saying anyone is wrong or right since the show was in fact lost. They never really gave us the full story / plot /ending. Ton of Questions are still never been answered. I do like to hear other people thoughts on it. Like I said, I'll try to watch it again to make sure I'm still on my right path I was so long ago.


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Nothing wrong with a friendly debate. :D

I see MIB as a sympathetic villain and Jacob as an imperfect protagonist...

MIB was absolutely not a bad guy for the first part of his life and for who knows how long after he turned into Smokey. He just wanted to leave the island and even by killing his mother he was just enacting justice (as per the philosopher John Locke in the absence of a government). And it can even be argued that he only ever killed people who he thought deserved it after scanning them or who he knew Jacob had assigned as someone who would eventually try to keep him on the island (candidates).

And Jacob was innocent in his life with his fake mom and also just as much a victim, being forced (psychologically) to take on a job he did not want and was not, in his mind, capable of doing well... While it could be argued that he killed innocent people, he had few options if you believe the premise of the show: If he didn't at least try to protect the Light and it went out, they would all die anyway.So, Jacob did the best he could with what he was given and did his best to pick people to replace him who would be better at it than he was, who needed a second chance and who would have what he never had; a choice.

What I love so much about LOST is that there are no 'good guys' - it is about flawed people doing the best they can in terribly impossible situations... people who were so wounded and too focused on their past mistakes. The island and the people they met there helped them see that they could move on to still do good things and find love and friendship.

What makes MIB the bad guy is not what he did so much as what he believed; he gave up on people having any good in them, he saw only bad and so looked out only for his own interests.

What makes Jacob the good guy is not what he did but that he believed there could be good in even the worst people and did his best to give them a chance to see it in themselves. And most of them did eventually.