Cecily Adams as Ishka in Deep Space 9 - costume photos needed!


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Another thread... another character whose costumes Im trying to find that there doesnt seem to be auction photos of online, those of Quark's mother Ishka in Deep Space 9. These are all charming gowns yet again, somehow no other photos of them online at all - despite that a good few of them have been auctioned, though noticeably this Christies auction says only THREE costumes were auctioned....meaning 1 of the outfits Im bringing up here is not included. THREE ISHKA COSTUMES

These three dresses all appeared in the episode 'Ferengi Love Songs', all worn by Cecily Adams who had replaced Andrea Martin Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Season 5 (1996)

First is this purple-ish zebra print deal



Second is this speckled pale gown with rounded edges



Lastly is this polka dot gown which, whilst it is fully seen on-screen, bizarrely has no display or auction photos of it online at all....and again, Deep Space 9 being stuck in standard definition doesnt let this costume shine...




Again, if anyone has any behind the scenes, publicity or auction/display photos of these lovely costumes, get in touch in this thread or in DMs, and I will update the blog entry with credit!


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