CCX remodeling ! into X-WING RED2


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Hello, everyone!:)
I contribute my SS model to "STUDIO SCALE MODELS forum" for the first time.

I remodel CCX into SS RED2.
Of course if I have V2 or V3, this may not need to do…
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Re: X-WING RED2:FAMOUS SPACESHIPS of fact and fantasy


Let me explain.

Because there are many differences between RED2 and CCX fuselage, remodeling are necessary.:cry

I attach comparison pics.:thumbsup

Also remodeling are necessary for FM 1/48 X-WING likewise, I attach a reference. I know this is SS thread, 1/48 X-WING is only reference.:)
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Re: X-WING RED2:FAMOUS SPACESHIPS of fact and fantasy

Now I see where you're going with this. Looking forward to the build..

Re: X-WING RED2:FAMOUS SPACESHIPS of fact and fantasy

Hi! Simon!:)
Thank you for comment.

Because English is not a native language for me, may trouble you all.
If you don't understand me, please ask once more.

CCX is a very splendid kit, but the proportion of fuselage have many problems because the CCX fuselage is not a copy of PYRO X.
But I don't remodel about cockpit, R2- strip and rear plate.
Rear plate is a little bit different from RED2 , but I wonder if I remodel it or not from now on.:wacko
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I would make it as accurate as possible. If that means scratching the new bits then so be it. That sealab is really getting me exited. Thats borderline pornographic.
Hi! Simon!:)

Possibly I may surprise you.
I have almost all VINTAGE KITS that are necessary for ANH X-WING.
I attach some images of VINTAGE KITS.

To tell the truth, I will scratch all the PARTS( wings, laser guns, engines...) except droid strip and rear plate other than a fuselage.

I have all the parts of droid strip and rear plate, I wonder whether I rebuild them or not.

To be continued...
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That's looking really cool. And I know it was a lot of work for you to get the CC fuselage looking like that.

I especially like your rear engine castings! Did you make the pattern for those?
HI! Mr.beaz!:love
I know you and your X-WING thread.
You are an expert of X-WING.
I am glad that an expert like you can give comment to me.

YES! I made the pattern of the rear engine.
Scot Graham cooperated with parts analysis.
The casting method imitated your method.:thumbsup
I think that your casting method is splendid. The bubble does not come out at all and can easily cast parts.:thumbsup
I thank you very much.
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It's been a long time since we said that we would finish building red 2!:lol

By the way,as I said before,I'm planing to mold the brick patern sheet.I hope it will work.
I was just doing a little searching for parts being hinted at already and by looking at his and Jason's pics of the engine. Being coached a little. Still haven't figure out what the half-wheel thingy is. That was a fun day of investigation. Unfortunately since then I haven't been able to ID a darn thing...

Atom: you added to the underside of the fuselage to make it larger, right? Lee put styrene on the topside of the bottom fuselage piece to make it heavier looking. It's interesting to see the different approaches.

Seeing all of that makes me smile a very big smile. :D

And seeing all of that helps me understand how hard you must have worked on everything to get your build to this point. It looks perfect to me. And I'm honored that I was able to help, even if just a little bit.

Please do keep showing us your progress.
Hi! kh39!:)
It's been a long time …. Yeah! Feel like “A LONG TIME AGO IN A GALAXY, FAR FAR AWAY” It stopped many times on the way, about 10 years have past since I started this X-WING project. Will I be finished this time?
Molding the brick pattern sheet・・・. Yes! It will work! It will work! lol It reminds me that Capt.Kirk yelled to Spock in last battle sequence of Star Trek , the movie.

Hi! Scott! Long time no see!:love
In my case, I recognized the differences between CCX and real RED2 after I finished a fuselage of CCX, so I was not able to put styrene on the top of bottom fuselage. Therefore, I added styrene to the underside of the fuselage. Making many comparison pics and checked it out many many times, again and again. I was able to get my fuselage closer to my self-image of RED2. Therefore this is "RED2 of my image", and it may be said that it is not a precise SS.

Hi! Beaz! :rolleyes
I am honored that I am evaluated by you.
There are many pics to show you guys!
Basically, Monday through Friday I am out of town for my business, so I can attach pics only weekend.
Please wait for a while.:thumbsup
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The brick pattern sheet used on ANH X-WING is "Holgate and Reynolds HO scale brick sheet".
It's not available now, I think.
kh39 has it and I don't have it as of now.:cry
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The Holgate & Reynolds sheet has been out of production for at least 10 years.

Atom, this is spectacular!
Hi! Treadwell!:)
Thank you for comment.
I intend to attach new pics of my RED2 on the weekend.:thumbsup
Size/proportions of bricks. If "close enough" is, well, close enough for you, then sure, you could use other brick sheets.
Treadwell,Thank you for explanation!:)

Then the next I show you the making process of the wings.:thumbsup
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