Catwoman Arkham City costume


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Hey guys!

So, here`s the deal. I loooooooove Catwoman`s new design for Arkham City and I`d love to make the costume BUT I`m pretty sure I will never find that hexagonal fabric by chance, so if anyone knows somebody who sells it or where I could get it, because it`s the only thing keeping me from fulfilling one of my dreams *w*

here`s some ref pics for you to guide yourselves better.


i know, dat ass.


Wes R

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I think the best bet for the material is to get it printed on the material like Matt Munson was doing for his superman suit. It wouldn't be 100% accurate but the only other thing I can think of is a full body casting and sculpting the outfit over it and molding that in latex like they do with the batsuits.


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I`d much prefer to have it printed on fabric and then make it myself, that`s why I was asking, like Soulinertia did for the Tron costumes... besides I dont have many resources here, so if anyone knew or could print it for myself it would be awesome :p
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