Catharine (Collector's edition bonuses)

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In stores now! Catherine, the HD Action-Adventure/Puzzle title from the makers of Persona, for PS3 and Xbox 360! Available Summer 2011.
My husband has been reading about this game for a while, and ended up preordering the collector's edition. It comes with an art book and a cd, plus some other fun items. I thought I'd share pics in case anyone was curious. I wasn't sure whether to post them in Costuming or Props, because they could probably be used for either.
The t-shirt and boxers belong to Vincent, but Catharine ends up wearing the shirt "the morning after." Both are a size Large, but to me the shirt looks a lot more roomy than the boxers.

The pillowcase doesn't actually appear in the game, but it is cute.

The pizza box is kind of neat, but it's tiny. It might fit a small pizza, or even a personal size one.
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