CATCH ALL Luke Skywalker costume showoff thread.


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Bump. A reminder that anyone can post their costumes here.

I ended up buying an installed Graflex 2.5 saber off Korbanth's website. It was an impulse buy because Affirm offered me a payment plan on Korbanth's website. I originally planned on getting my empty 2.0 installed by LDM but imediate availability from Korbanth won!

My empty 2.0 is for sale!

Kal Argos

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I'll take that offer..

Okay finished Bespin Luke!

Jacket/pants by Anovos.
Belt/Holster by FFP on Etsy. Awesome quality and highly recommend.
Boots buy Magnoli... also awesome quality and highly recommend.

Blaster and lightsabre are MR. Looking to make blaster out of toy gun as the MR blaster is so heavy... but the holster has no problems with it.