Caswell Plug N' Plate Kits - Any feedback?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Serenity, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Serenity

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    Hey all,

    Does anyone have any experience with the quality of the Caswell's Plug N' Plate brush plating kits? I was considering them for a few prop projects and am curious if anyone has feedback on their abilities.

    I don't expect them to provide a perfect plating job, but if anyone was pleasantly surprised by them (or just the opposite), I'd appreciate the info.

  2. MDKronos

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    Bumping for great justice. Not a lot of feedback out there on these kits, I'm looking to get into it if the results are worthwhile.
  3. Serenity

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    After I posted this, I found some people who recommend the silver and nickel plating kits elsewhere, mostly on instruments and razors. I also found this guy on Youtube who used the copper plating kit over brass:

    Plug and plate copper kit - YouTube
  4. CaptStarshine

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    bump, I'm curious too
  5. Iggy


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    I am surprised that there aren't any people here that have really tried this out. I have some stainless steel parts that need finishing, and I was thinking about the Caswell kit. If there is anyone who has used this, any feedback for the plug n' plate?

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