Casual Lightsaber Chassis


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Okay, I'm putting together a genuine ANH lightsaber static replica, but I thought it would be great to give it guts too. I'm not looking for anything that lights up or makes noise, but has anyone made measurements or templates, or have any ideas on how to start a project like this?

Im not looking to buy an already finished kit, im looking to scrape up random stuff, so this is more of a creative fling.

Thanks for any help haha

Tan Djarka

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I know you're not planning a cutaway, but the one from the Star Wars visual dictionary might provide some inspiration. A few here have also constructed "saber cores" that could provide further info. Perhaps someone more knowledgable than I could chime in or provide links?
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Hi there,

Here's the cut-away picture:


You may find perfect components in old computer harddrives and/or cd-rom/dvd-rom players, which will fit inside your graflex, nicely.


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