Castle Crashers! W.I.P


The Mortal Kombat Legacy Scorpion Costume I made was a great success. But its too serious to wear to costume parties. I want to make some castle crashers costumes for a sweet group theme. I think i can pull it off before Halloween. They seem simple enough. The tunics will not be a problem but I have not decided on what the best way to do the helmets are. any ideas?
Here is what they look like..

Here are some figurines of the knights.
with the size of those helmets id suggest 5 gallon paint buckets, maybe even some small plastic trash cans. either seem like they would be around the right size and shape to start with as a base
I feel like this costume theme would be great if you've got a group of 8 year olds, considering the proportions.

Hard to get that badass yet cute factor when you are 6' tall, IMO

I like JaceAce's bucket idea, or foam that you could heat form around a bucket
5 gallon bucket might be a good place to start. i was thinking maybe bigger, as i am proportionally taller than the characters. I am going to try to gather materials this week. should begin helmet on thursday.
I think im going to have to make this a budget build. Time is against me. Sewing is going to take too long. Im thinking 3 layers of cloths. long sleeve black shirt (bottom), Short sleeve Gray shirt (middle), XL or XXL white tank top for the top layer. Black sweat pants. Then i need to get a Blue + sign and either sew it on or glue it. idk yet. and a Blue belt to go around the bottom of tunic. then its Foam shield, sword, and probably poster board helmet. I would love to do this as top quality as i can (wait till May or June for the next convention im going to) but I need to balance school work into this also.
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