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Could anyone tell me what the best/ most cost effective material/method would be to make a mold out of a clay model? Something that will be durable and easy to use. Thanks.
A mold rubber is usually the best way to go for small models. Choosing exactly which kind of rubber (Urethane, Tin Silicone, Platinum Silicone, etc) depends a lot on what kind of clay you used for your sculpt. Specifically, whether or not the clay contains sulfur. That's not a completely insurmountable issue, but you'd need to treat it accordingly with sealers, releases and the choice of rubber.

This chart will help you narrow it down a bit. I am making a mold for the first time. Do I need a release agent? If yes, which release agent should I use? | Mold Making and Casting Materials Rubber, Plastic, Lifecasting, and More
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