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So, a few weeks back I picked up a mold of a "Soul Eater" on eBay from what was said to be from the TV show Buffy... however I don't recall a soul eater on Buffy... but do recall one on Angel... but, that's beside the point here. Anyway, I thought I'd ask you fine folks here for some tips/thoughts. I haven't done much casting, and looking for thoughts on best products to use, or other ideas.

Here is the mold:

I've been looking on the Smooth-on site, and I've found a flexible urethane expanding foam called: FlexFoam-iT! It seems to me the flexible foam would be good since this is a rigid mold. It comes in different expansion flavors.. so not sure what would be best. Also wondering about the best release agent to use on this type of mold.

Since it's a half face, I was thinking of doing something like Screamline Studies did with their 3-D portraits, and make it look like the head is half buried in the ground. Or open to other ideas if anyone has some thoughts they'd like to share.



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If thats a stone mold just do a good build up of latex and back it with medium density foam. You dont want to use firm or hard material or it will lock into the mold.
You could make latex half masks out of this. It would be cool! Unfortunately you don't have the core for this... It's a mold for a prosthetic that would have been run (most likely) in foam rubber. You're not going to want to use any platinum based silicones in this as they will inhibit/not cure. You could also use either a self skinning foam or run a latex skin and back it with foam as suggested above but you'll have all the flashing run as part of your piece which may take away from the overall effect... I'd just do slip latex masks, trim and paint.


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Cool, thanks for the feedback everyone... I think I will go with a latex mask to start with. Thoughts on the best release agent to use for this?
You don't need one for latex. Just blow out the mold real nice with an aircompressor. Maybe give it a brush down with some alcohol and let dry. It's a stone mold which is ideal for latex as it sucks the water and ammonia out of the rubber. You can soak it in water for a short while and let it dry out naturally. While it's still slightly damp pour your rubber. The water gets the pores in the stone to start sucking up the liquid faster.

Also a good idea is to fill the mold with latex and pour it out, blast it with an air compressor to break the bubbles on the surface, then refill and let dwell for, maybe, an hour... This will leave a nice skin. Dump out the excess and law the mold open end down on a covered surface to let the rubber run out as it's curing, leaving a nice, smooth interior. Let cure completely, over night if possible. You could even throw it in the oven at low heat AFTER it's finished dripping for a quicker cure.

Latex shrinks as it cures so it will naturally pull away from the stone as it cures.

If your final is too thick, simply decrease the amount of time you let it dwell.

Then box one up and ship to me. ;)


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or if you want to speed things up with latex, do the work out in the sunlight. Even faster use a heat gun on each layer, not enough to burn it, just enough to heat it.


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Thanks guys, this is all great information and just what I needed. SonOfPumpkinhead, & robstyle, I'd be more than happy to send you both pulls from this mold, if you're interested.

Do either of you know a good online source for a high quality latex?


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Moxiebot, a heads up and not directed at any particular vendor but many resellers have been watering down their latex. Unless you have a local source, only buy from a reputable vendor that is highly recommended.

Latex is surprisingly simple and easy to master. Its strait pour and brush. I suggest you tint it close as possible to the base color of the final part. Try searching youtube and google for videos on using latex.


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Started pulling latex masks from the mold finally!


robstyle & SonOfPumpkinhead - let me know if you want one.. as you both have a free one coming if you want it, for being helpful. Anyone else will need to pay if they want one :)


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That came out pretty good. Did you speed up dry time between layers with a heat gun? Put one for me up for sale and use that cash to buy yourself some paints.


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In Buffy there have been so many monsters that 'soul eater' is a bit ambiguous. :lol .

The way the face seems to have been partially torn off reminded me of the episode where Buffy has an annoying college room mate.

Bit of research turned up episode 402 - Living conditions.

Buffy's college room mate turns out to be a soul eating demon :)

but the picture doesn't quite seem to match. :(


Any thought as to what it might be?

Long time since I watched a lot of Buffy.


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Thanks robstyle.. I didn't use heat gun, but it's working out okay.. I just have a lot of patience.

madmanmoe64: I at first thought too it might be that "soul eater" but after casting, I'm now positive that it's the one from Angel. It was sold to me as from Buffy, and I have a Fox COA that states its from the production of Buffy, however Fox must have messed up, as it's pretty clear it's from Angel.

That's awesome! I'd love a copy when you get a chance! Shoot me a PM with you location. If your close I could show you some latex painting stuff. If not, I'll give ya some pointers!
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