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Hey gang!
I'm directing a film. It's a big one for me. My first "pro" style film. I'm sending it as part of certain film school applications that require it.

Long story short, one of the gags in the film involves a dummy.

I've made dummies of myself before, using the duct tape method that IndyMogul posted about 5 years back. But the face has always been the weak spot. I've usually used mannequin heads, but obviously they didn't bare much of a resemblance to me.

My new idea is that I'm going to do a lifecast of my head. Then I'll take a mannequin head, sand off all of it's features, place it in the middle of the negative, and then pour in some sort of casting agent into the negative mold around the Styrofoam, to keep it relatively lightweight.

I'm not sure what I should pour to make the outer layer for the mold. I initially thought about using Liquid latex, but then remembered that it doesn't harden that way.

Anyone know of a good material to use that won't break the bank and will keep everything about as light weight as possible?

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It would be a lot easier to brush in silicone and fill it with foam. It doesn't need to be super thick, so a single trial size kit of Smooth Ons Dragon Skin FX pro would do you well.

Brush in a few layers with the FX Pro and on the last layer add something for the foam to grab to. Some people press cotton balls in and wait until the silicone cures and pull out the excess, some people use cheese cloth, just whatever you've got to grab the foam.

It's about the cheapest and easiest method you could use straight from a licecast.
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