casting in 2 hardness of urethane in one piece


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Hi anyone tried casting batman armour with 2 different shore hardness of urethane in one piece?
want to cast an 89 set with firmer parts in the areas the need it.
will they blend together if done at the same time ?
dont want to waste time and money if it wont work....


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Yeah, you can't pour in two different urethanes and not have them mix. If you want two different hardnesses in one part, you'll have to pour one part first, let it set and then pour the second part.


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What I was after is pouring a chest mould having say 40 shore urethane rubber and 80 sure mixed up and the same time , with extra help with me of course,
pouring the outer skin all over the mould. then pouring 80 in the muscle hollows to give rigidity ,then encapsulating this with another layer of 40.
just hoped to not have any de~lamination issues.


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That's a tough one because when the shore 40 stretches and the shore 80 doesn't they could delaminate. If you were going to do it make sure that that rubber isn't full set before you pour the next layer. If it was fully set then I don't think they would bond as well. I think you are just going to have to do a test.

Shore 40 urethane is heavy duty when it gets a little thick. Shore 80 is gonna be pretty damn stiff.


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40 shore all over would be best . its just being soft it tends to allow the chest muscles especially the abs to flatten ,its trying
to cast the piece to be less pliable in these areas. wonder if pouring first skin, adding reinforcing foam shapes in the pecs and abs then a
second layer of 40 to encapsulate ?
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