Casting from an EVA foam piece. Silicone or Resin Coat beforehand?


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I have an older EVA costume piece I worked on that I would like to see made into a more sturdy prop/costume. I have been searching "Casting from an EVA sculpt. Casting an EVA helmet. Casting a foam Halo prop. Casting an EVA Halo prop (as Halo is one of the more EVA used costumes I figured it may come up, alas it has not) to no avail.

I am not sure whether it is okay to go straight to mold from an EVA piece or if I should resin it first.

I would have to mold a helmet, chestplate, backplate and shoulder plate.



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And now using a different search engine and computer I find some stuff.

Still would like to hear from others about what I may want to do.

I do not intend to wear the hardened foam, I just want to cast it.



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I used PVA glue to coat my SHEILD badge foam master. I need to redo them. I thought I'd used my 3" template but actually 3.5" it's just that bit oversized to look oversized ;)

I used ultracal to mold with and it was pretty good. I'd probably use something different as a demolding agent now as I found the absorbtion rate of glue in to the foam was not even and I wound up with some detail lost.
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