Casting Black Widow's Belt from IM2


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Hello everyone! So I'm beginning to prep for the next year's costumes and first on the list is Black Widow from Iron Man 2. I want to get this costume done (finally) by May for the Avengers premiere, but of course... I'm running into some crafting issues.

So here's the first snag I've reached : The belt.

I know there was a thread on here earlier about it, but I think I'm going to break down and just craft it myself. So the question is what do I use to cast it in?

For the buckles, I'm thinking a polyurethane resin. For the body of the bottom belt, I'm thinking some kind of casting rubber (for the flexibility) -- like PT Flex 70 or 85. For the pouches and holders, still thinking.

The second snag: The Boots.

Definitely have to either modify existing boots are make them myself -- which is something I have never done before. And achieving that greyish blue color will be... interesting.

Thoughts, anyone?
I could really use some helpful guidance on this one. I'm pretty savvy with casting gems, but entire belts is a new process for me.

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Why do you think that an accurate belt can not be made out of leather?

Just brainstorming: One main strip and two narrower strips out of fairly thin leather. Stitch each narrower strip along each edge of the main strip, then fold over the edge and glue on the inner side.

Edit: BTW, check out this thread if you have not already.

Edit 2: OK, the original belt is some kind of rubber. The guys who cast Star Wars Clonetrooper belts should know.
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I think I may need to find a cheaper alternative to casting the base belt, but all the pouches and holders and buckles I still plan on casting.
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