Casting and Molding in Japan


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Hello Yall,

I am new to this whole using a forum thing, but I am hoping the hive-mind can help me out.

I am a prop maker who travels full-time with an international circus. We have just set up in Japan for the next year and I find myself in need of casting and molding products. I wish this project had come up while we were in North America, but alas it did not.

I need help finding Mold Making Silicones and Polyurethane Rubbers and supplies. In the states i would easily order it from Smooth-On or the likes, but finding these products has proven challenging thus far. I do not speak Japanese and online searches have not been helpful. I could order from overseas but that would take a long time and incur high customs charges.

So do yall have suggestions on companies in Japan that make quality silicones and urethanes for casting and molding? Are there craft stores that sell Smooth-on, Reynolds, Alumilite, or such? Tokyu Hands did not really carry these kind of products surprisingly.

Thanks yall...
CircusNomad309 I don't have an answer on this; just wanted to say I think circus props could make for a really fascinating thread sometime (if you're allowed to share, that is).

Good luck!

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