Casting and Gluing Neoprene to Cloth: Durability and Cleaning?


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So I'm planning to make a Shang Chi costume, and I've decided to make the raised black details on the jacket from Neoprene. my plan is to cast the details either flat or on a surface similar to the end shape (like a shoulder mold) and then glue them onto the fabric. I'd be casting them out of Creature Cast neoprene, then using a thickened slurry of that material to glue it onto the fabric permanently.

My thinking is that this is pretty much the only way to have such thin (and therefore fragile if detachable) but raised details on the fabric. I am worried about durability and cleaning though. I don't know enough about neoprene to say for sure if this will be an issue, but my hunch is that it will be more like neoprene rubber and less like neoprene foam, so should be fine. I also plan on handwashing the jacket only, but again, I'm not experienced enough to know for sure that this will work. Any thoughts?

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