Cast & Molding Question

A Hunters Moon

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Say you have a sculpt that's exactly the same on both sides. You want to sculpt one side yet still make a double sided item. Any way to do that? Mold and cast each half separately then glue them together or somehow make a two part mold that will make a single item when cast? I dunno, just a side project I'm trying to work out in my head.

A Hunters Moon

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Well, right now it's sort of a thought. All I know it both sides will be identical but I'm trying to work around having to sculpt both. Too save time and energy.


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sounds like you will need to mold it twice.
1- sculpt it
2- mold it
3. cast 2 copies.
4 glue/fiberglass the two copies together to be your new sculpt
5 mold the new sculpt. most likely a two part mold.

not sure this saves time or energy.


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id say make a copy of the one side and then cast it

then pour some more resin again into the mold and while its drying apply the first dried peice to the one that is in the mold
and waaalaaa, its done. ive seen this done before and worked perfectly but some of it like edges may need superglue to just even it out a little.