Cast Aluminium Predator Bio Mask


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Man that is the fastest hands I have ever seen in my life....LOL...cant wait to see this come to life....I have a professional made biomask....but nothing compares to an aluminum one...LOL...cant wait to see the other videos to come

Art Andrews

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Jamie Staff, that is incredible work! Just a quick note. If you use the video button or wrap the youtube url in video tags, it will embed the video directly into your post.
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Very nice work on the box ! I am really huge predator fan, looking forward to what you are going to accomplish with the mask as well


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Looking forward to seeing it when you work out the issue.

Great tip on the LED light stripping too. Neat stuff.

Jamie Staff

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That is freaking amazing! So just for clarity, the cavity in the sand is hollow and is self supporting? Or did I miss something?
Yep... Self supporting... Thats why it tends to be a struggle with such a large casting box, I'm realy pushng it for what my backyard operation can do, but this one supprised me so I'm happy for now... and its given me some new ideas for the next one.
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