Cassian Andor´s MW-20 Briar Blaster tweaky build


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I have just finished printing the fantastic Archive&Future´s Andor blaster model that you can find at Cassian Andor (Andor Series) Blaster (MW-20 Bryar Pistol) . I´ll be updating pics in this post just to make me scratch the time to finish it.

I can´t stop thinking about how it can totally fit a sound board and a servo in the magazine to make it spin. I am sure he will eventually will add it, but in the meantime this is my little homage to the best Star Wars since 1983.

The printed pieces. The included 4mm pins were too small, so I scaled them to get 5mm ones. I used 100% infill as I believe weight gives more "feel", and to be able to sand and drill anywhere. I ran out of black filament and used a purple one, everything will be sanded and painted, so it´s not important:

The model is made to be glued together but there are few alignment studs. This is one of the little upgrades that I hope we´ll see in future versions. However, I will not glue the magazine halves, I´ll rather drill them and fit these black M3x20mm hex screws and M3 inserts, and hide the screw heads in these corners:


I will use M3x5mm hex screws to attach the grips:


I think that´s all for a start. The next step is sanding, at some point this week. I ´ll surely update on the weekend. Cheers!

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