Case for my Ghostbusters Proton Gun


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Hi, after my build of a Ghostbusters Proton Gun Hero Prop for a friends birthday, I wanted to build something he could store it in.
A case in some form. After watching Adam Savages build of a case for his NASA microskope (search for "One Day Builds: Adam Savage Demonstrates Weathering Tricks") I thought something like that would be nice. Something from the Ghostbusters Universe with weathering. My own thing, not something that was seen in the movie. So I build it at first in SolidWorks (my 3D CAD of choice and by trade) an made a wooden box from it, that I weathered and kicked and tried to give it it´s own little story. Or better to reflect the 1st movies Story. The decals were quite fun to make. The idea with the "Seal of New York" was that the case was part of the equipment the police confiscated.

The Gun itself is srewed to it´s own little shelf that fits in the box. The form follows ruffly some military equipment cases. The round disks on top and bottom are chair glides - I found together with the handles and snaps in a Hardware store.
Big Tip! First glue the 6 sides of the closed box together and then cut it in 2 parts with a japanese saw. Don´t try to build the cover separate, it´s way easier that way.

Oh, there is a little secret build in the case - I have no picture of. I sprayed the outside of the box with yellow-green glow in the dark paint. I put my hand with a glove on over the box and sprayed over it. You can not see it in daylight. After my friends Birthday party, he phoned me, that he was freaked out, seeing the box glowing in the dark ;)


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Thank you! I just enjoying building these things and if you can give it to someone who appreciates it, it’s even more fun.

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