"Cars" Decals needed. Help & advice needed?


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It is Pinewood Derby time at my house and two of my boys want Pinewood cars from "Cars". Lightning McQueen for my 1st grader and and Chick Hicks for his younger brother. (We have a "Cubmaster Challange" division that lets siblings and dads enter.) My oldest wants a Target Nascar.

Here is the progress so far. A weekend of taking a block of pine and making it look like these two cars. Hopefully you can tell which is which.


I need to find some decals in the right scale. I have no idea how to do that myself so i am looking for some help/advice/direction. Have read about it being done but do not know/have the software.

Other option i am looking at is finding some stickers.

Anyone out there that can help?


(Oh, Dad is going to make a camera car with a wireless camera that can video the race from the car as it goes down the track. That should be fun...)


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Here is a Youtube vid of the character models. A quick freeze frame/print screen/copy/paste/ and some crop work in MS paint or any other 'art' program and you can at least get the front rear & side views
Roof art is another matter altogether.

Disney Pixar Cars: Character Models - YouTube

Then print them out on some sticker paper like from Avery labels or whoever.


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Can't these also be printed onto decal material? Seams like that contours to the surfaces better.

I will get to work tonight.


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some publishing artwork of the charaters has simlplified their designs to be more streamlined and less detailed- still very recognizeable but may be a good compromise.
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