Cardboard Phase 2 Clone Trooper build,lowest budget challenge.


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Hello dear ladies and gentlemen fans of the Star Wars universe, this is my first thread, which will contain my hopefully-not-a-lifetime-long journey of making my own clone trooper armor. Behold! I'm gonna use the cheapest materials/tools possible to challenge myself a little bit and see if I can make something decent out of this all. I'll post WIP pics ASAP and also try to keep you updated as well (I don't have much free time but I'll try my best). Almost forgot that I'm gonna make weapons/accessories for this build on the way...stay tuned!'s been a while since I started this thread and I wanted to post WIP pics but yeah...documenting my work is not my strongsuit. Anyway in a nutshell: chest and back are done, both files from Fierfek I think, what I know is that Lando unfolded them and I converted it to be able to use for cardboard. The low poly shin is also Fierfek's work,unfolded by Lando, the high res shin is from Sergiotron as well as the knee pad. I also made a DC-17 hand blaster's not my best work... :D Don't mind my fancy carpet! :D Note to self: patience is key.I also made a helmet (after realising the first one is too small) and I'm planning to make a third one since the second one fits...but I cannot fit my head through the hole on it's bottom,so it fit's but actually doesn't....makes sense,right? :D (I typed in a nuthsell...I'm typing too much into that so-called nutshell).
In case I've made some errors in my introduction/further writings please forgive me,I do speak english and can write it but sometimes I get confused.


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