Carbon Fiber TK Armor


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Please don't Jedyfyefy me (or however the frak you spell it)... I did search, didn't see this posted already.

Star Wars Fans + Carbon Fiber Enthusiasts = Carbon Fiber Stormtroopers | Carbon Fiber Gear

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I would guess silicone. Or a fiberglass mold depending on undercuts it would be doable. Kinda strange looking if CF.:confused
Kinda looks like they recast from a crappy Rubies TK. Cool suits, otherwise.
If Star Wars was real, I'm sure the Stormtrooper suits would be CF. They probably took splashes off of plastic or FG Stormtrooper suit pieces to make the molds, and dry carbon cloth for drape ability.

I think they look awesome.
I'm kinda curious if any of our San Diego 501st members know any of these guys...

MicDavis knows everyone. I bet he knows at least one of them, if not the company president!! How about it Michael? Am I wrong?
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