Done / Completed Carbon Fiber Hydrodipping

Kevin Gossett

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Finally got around to hydrodipping the grips to my Star-Lord quad blasters, and I've got a good bit of film leftover. I'm still working out a pricing structure, but a pair of grips "ready to dip"* would be $40.

*Ready to dip = already sanded/filled/primed; any additional finishing work will be an extra fee


I can certainly do other objects, but I only have the carbon fiber film currently. If you would like something else dipped in CF, shoot me a PM with a photo and dimensions and we can work something out.
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I need. but I'm a little cash stressed at the moment. I only have one blaster handle for now. but I plan on getting a set of blasters from Joe and Shawn. when they do there run. when you run out of film I'm guessing that's a wrap? no pun Intended,


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Cool Kevin. I will dig up my single handle and see what prep work It need's. small task It's In prop limbo somewhere buried.:lol and i will contact you about all the Info. and we can go from there.

Thanks man...

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