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Cara Dune Blaster pistol conversion kit for Nambu 14

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Update 5/5/22 - Do NOT use the Buy It Now button. Please PM me if you're interested in a kit.

I have 10 conversion kits available to convert a Nambu 14 into Cara Dune's pistol. When this blaster first appeared on the Mandalorian I knew I had to build one, love the design and the fact that it's based on a Japanese WWII Nambu 14 pistol. I had some extra metal parts laser cut, so I put together a few conversion kits to sell. I meticulously researched this blaster using available reference, so this is hyper accurate and goes together just like the hero blaster shown on Disney Gallery.


The kit consists of 6 laser cut metal side-plates (6061 aluminum for the large plates, steel for the small), and 9 3d printed parts, printed in my custom mix durable resin, as well as a replacement lens for the scope and required (decorative) screws. These are really nice prints, almost no cleanup needed - Check out the closeup photos of the scope eyepiece - that's the bad side of the print, just needs a quick sanding to remove the support nibs.

You'll need a Nambu 14 and a Bushnell Phantom scope - I used a Tokyo Marui Nambu, but am working on converting an old Hudson PFC version and the parts fit perfectly, so they should fit any accurate Nambu replica (Marushin etc). Everything else is included in the kit.

Price is $80, shipping is $10 in the US (message me for international shipping).

Here are detail photos of the kit:





Note - Not pictured in the parts layout is the button detail for the front of the grip, but it's included (see detailed build-up photos). This detail is missing on the Tokyo Marui Nambu, I cut a recess matching the shape and glued in the button. Everything else on the kit is simple to assemble, but you need to cut off the barrel. The plates just glue/screw onto the gun.

Parts list:
2x aluminum side plates (large)
2x aluminum side plates (medium)
2x steel side plates (small)
Rear frame spacer (aluminum)

3d Printed:
Flash hider
Front frame spacer
Scope eyepiece
Scope lens retaining ring
Scope mount
Grip button detail

10x M2 3mm screws
4x pins for front plates
Scope lens (acrylic)

I'm glad to answer any questions, and will do what I can to help with the build. Phantom scopes show up on eBay fairly often and aren't too expensive, the Nambu might take some digging but they're out there! (Marushin currently makes them, but they're pricey). PM me if you need one!


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Looks great!
Any recommendation on a source for the base gun?

Thanks! I found my Tokyo Marui on eBay, they show up from time to time. Other than that, there's the Googles... ;) Actually, a really great place to find old Japanese model guns is Yahoo Japan auctions, I use a proxy bidding service to get stuff from there. There are always Nambu's listed in various conditions, that's where I picked up my Hudson. You can use KaiGuys site to search, but I haven't used them to purchase anything (I used GoBoy, found them years ago in my Gundam days).

Edit: It helps to find the Japanese characters for whatever your're looking for. Nambu = 南部. (model guns are found under Hobby and Culture category usually). Try this link: Auction search
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I’ll take a kit. PM inbound. Curious as to your thoughts on gluing vs actual screwing. Reason I ask is I have an actual Nambu frame and trigger guard I’d like to use. Worst case I get an airsoft.
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I don't see that PM? I do have one kit left. The screws on this thing are really tiny, I wouldn't trust the little M2s to hold anything well. I use e6000 a LOT for disparate materials these days - It worked well on this kit, even holding the scope mount on with the heavy side mounted scope (though I screwed it in just for safety). You could definitely glue these to the frame (love the use of real parts!).

Aside from cutting off the barrel on the upper, you shouldn't have to modify the gun at all if you glue everything. I tried and tried to design a barrel that would slip over the existing one, but there's just not enough room with the deep ridges. Anyway, PM me if you want that kit! :)


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All sold! If anyone else is interested you can let me know, if there's enough interest I can have another set made and print more parts. Thanks guys!


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I have two folks asking for a kit. If I get at least 4 so it’s cost effective (2 more) I can definitely make some more! propcollector I’ll note that you want one.


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This is an exceptionally well made kit!!!

If he didn't say these were 3D printed, I'd not have known.

These are not something w/ visible lines like 99% of every other thing you see out there.

How many more requests are needed before you’ll build more? If we need “one more” I’ll gladly buy two kits, even though I only need one, just for the cause!


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I have 10 more sets available, this time with mild steel instead of aluminum panels. These look really good! Also, I had a bunch of people asking me about where to find a Bushnell Phantom scope. I decided to model the scope using my real scopes for measurements and have created a super accurate model. Doing this I discovered that there are actually two variants of the Phantom, with different ridge pattern on the center housing. I made both, but the correct one for this blaster is the one with less lines (I believe this is also correct for the Man From Uncle gun). So if you need a scope I have those too! The eyepiece for my scope is slightly more accurate than using a real scope, as the length of the eyepiece on the prop is less than possible without cutting the threading on a real scope.

The photos show both variations (center), and my prints (top and bottom, the bottom scope is "correct"). Side by sides are a real scope with my prints. Easter Egg - The serial number in the last photo is Gina Carano's birth date, sad that she was cut from the show.

Scopes are $70, so the full kit with scope is $150 plus shipping. (shipping is $10 US, international should be around $20).
Please PM me if you'd like a kit, thanks!


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