Captain Steve Rogers SSR/Officer's Uniform

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    Anyone here bought cosplaysky's SSR Uniform by any chance?

    Was thinking of getting one for cons that have formal events, or just as something to change into when I want to get out of my AoU suit. Considering their Winter Soldier and AoU suits are pretty good from what I've seen, I'm willing to bet this is pretty good as well. Just wanted to see if anyone else had seen one first.
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    Re: CosplaySky Steve Rogers SSR Formal Uniform

    Honestly, There are other better options... of course they coast more, but there's a lot that doesn't look right. Buttons are way big and look like they're navy, the decorations are way off. I guess if you replace the jacket, it'd be a nice cheap way to do it.
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    Re: CosplaySky Steve Rogers SSR Formal Uniform

    I think this is a case of you get what you pay for.

    If I were putting this together I'd go with WWII impressions, At the Front or What Price Glory... the places that supply WWII reenactors with their uniforms and then get SSR branch crests.

    Your uniform will be perfectly accurate and have a better resale of so inclined in the future because you will have a greater customer base than just Captain America fans.
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