Captain Spock.. 54mm model


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This is my first 54mm sized figure in a LONG time. I think that's 1/35 scale right?



A brush with 1 hair and a very, very steady hand!

Are you using a magnifying glass or just doing it by eye? I keep meaning to try magnifying little intricate areas when painting, but haven't got around to it yet.
My inspiration for the magnifying idea actually comes from the old toy restorer dude in Toy Story 2. He used a magnifying glass and didn't seem to run into any diffculties when restoring Woody. ;)

Did you use enamels or acrylics on this piece? If acrylics, did you have to thin the paint to retain the detail on the sculpt?
Nice paint job on the figure. Do you use oils, acrylics or enamels? I ask because the vibrant red on the jacket reminds me of oils

An optivizor is your best friend when painting small figures. Once I've finished Bromhead from Zulu I'm moving on to Russell from UP. The mini is only about 20mm tall so the optivizor will come in handy.
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WOW that's acrylics??? did you glaze the tunic after painting? I'm impressed :thumbsup

As for a vizor I can recommend this one 1000% I has twin adjustable lights and four mag levels. The velcro strap makes headband adjustment easy. I've had mine for almost 6 years and apart from the odd blown bulb (easy to buy and replace) it's still going strong. The box it lives in looks like crap now more tape than cardboard but oh well. :)

I can also recommend Brigade games as well I've been ordering from them for years without a problem. Lon, the owner, is a real nice guy to deal with if you have any questions or concerns.

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