Captain Power coming to DVD next week!!!!


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Don't know how I missed this but the complete Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future series is coming out next week on DVD. Sweet.


Mola Rob

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A remarkably well done show considering it was made for the purpose of selling toys. Too bad it only lasted one season.

Wes R

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I'll definitely be looking this up. I have all but one of the comic books they put out. Too bad there won't be a reissue of the toys to go with it.

Wes R

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I forgot he wrote for the show. I never saw it on tv, i ended up having to buy it on vhs and then we started getting the figures and such on mark down. I'm amazed nobody has tried to revive it at least as a comic series. It was only 4 issues but it was a really good comic.


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I sold my toys to this show a while back. I had the Power Base, ship, and some figures. I kept the interactive tapes. They have pretty slick animation and music. I remember this was a very dark kids show. I was very sad at what I thought was the show's last episode when Blastar (I think he was called) made it inside the Power Base.

I guess this is an official release? There was a site that was selling a DVD and Blu-ray set a while back.
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