Captain Marvel (Post-release)

What did you think of Captain Marvel?

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I just saw it too and I really liked it. I know nothing about the comics, so I don't know whether anything was different from the comics. I have always loved reading about fighter pilots, so she might be my new favorite. She seems like the most down to Earth superhero so far.
The movie is very reminiscent of Kelly Sue DeConnick's run on Captain Marvel. KSD actually has a brief cameo in the movie (the woman with bright red hair in the subway). I really recommend them.


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I saw it on a plane last weekend and fell hard asleep around the middle. I fast forwarded to the end after waking up just to see ow it ended. It was ok, like a two part Agents of Shield season finale. Still havent seen the latest avengers yet and have sucesfully avoided most spoilers. I am looking forward to see how CM fits into the movie.

Psab keel

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I started watching it. I'm about 20 minutes in.

I'm not really feeling it so far, but I'll make a final assessment when I finish it.