Captain Marvel / Miss Marvel Inspired Paper Props - The Definitive Thread


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Captain Marvel inspired paper props - Fan Made for private collection and cosplay use!

I have been putting some of these items together for a while, and now at the stage where some data files and case files can now be sent off to Eric Koenig at Triskelion HQ for archiving.

You will see a sample of Captain Marvel inspired SHIELD Case File Dossiers!!

Captain Marvel Dossiers attached are - Codenamed "Higher Further Faster" .....

Also seen below is the sample CSI/SHIELD custody label for archiving files and documents.

Captain Marvel Dossier Image 4.jpg

The "CHAIN OF CUSTODY" C.S.I / SHIELD archive label is prefilled out for all Agents who are assigned to Project PEGASUS, who require labels to itemise evidence into SHIELD archives!

Also below are a number of extras added to the Captain Marvel Dossier.

Limited Edition SSR Evidence Label taken from the early Project Rebirth archives
Triskelion HQ new improved office paper work - A4 Triskelion Letter Headed Paper / Cover letter
Carol Danvers Limited Edition - SHIELD ID CARD
a number of enhanced photos from the initial preliminary report into Miss Danvers!

Captain Marvel Dossier Image 1.jpg

The Captain Marvel Dossiers I stamped, Level 10 Security Clearance required with Nick Fury being the controlling C/O for Carol Danvers.

Hope you like the first of many data files and case files now archived at TriskelionHQ.

I will post more files over the coming days!!


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A few extra items I added to the Captain Marvel Case File Dossier set.

Now includes a few extras --
5 Nick Fury Memos
Exclusive rare photos of Captain America which include a photo of the meeting with Nick Fury and Steve in the training gym.
Exclusive paper used to enhance sharpness and clarity of print on some rare items.
Agent Phil Coulson S.W.O.R.D. ID Card previously not seen, and orange SHIELD rainbow ID card.

Captain Marvel Dossier Image 2.jpg


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A closer look at the extra files in the Captain Marvel Case File Dossier - this Dossier set now includes extra Nick Fury memos, plus limited edition Triskelion HQ stationary.

As an added bonus I generated and printed some 2012 Avengers stationary, for the home office or SHIELD branches divided across the globe!!

Captain Marvel Dossier Image 3.jpg


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I can not remember if I showed the Project PEGASUS Dossier did previously?

Either way an updated version is shown below --

PEGASUS DOSSIER Captain Marvel.jpg

Above (Far Left) you will see the SHIELD variation of the Project PEGASUS Dossier Cover. I did the water mark in a light transparency to make it look faded on the covers as SILVER doesn't look good on brown dossiers, so I printed in grey then applied I think 77% transparency!

Above (Top Right) -- you will see the Captain Marvel SHIELD Dossier Cover Variation - Version 1.

Also shown are the latest version of SHIELD ID CARDS from Captain Marvel and Agent/Director Coulson.

Will post the SHIELD ID Cards 1990s version up later in the week if I get internet access. They are fairly bland compared to these and are portrait view not landscape.


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I have completed a few more this week from the movie, might release them with the Ronin/Hawkeye END GAME Dossier, if not it might be a bolt on not sure yet.

I will be uploading a couple of my earlier files shortly in one of the threads.