Captain Marvel material help


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Hello everyone,

I'm want to make Captain Marvels outfit, the version she will wear in her new movie.
But I have never made a costume like this, so I am wondering what material do you think it is?
And do you think that there is armor parts on it? Do you think I need to put lights into it? and so on.
I attached two pictures for referens (I don't own them). Thank you all in prehand for your help.



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Looks like it's at least 3 kinds of fabrics. Suede (red fabric on the shoulders), leather (sides of the body and sleeves) and I believe some kind of scuba (front of the torso, pants). The shoulder plates seem to be made out of hard material, as well as the star, the golden parts around it, the belt, the gauntlets, and the shin guards.


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Welcome to the group Qwista
First I would ask, your first post read "I've never made a costume like this".
What have you made? Materials used a pic perhaps.
I would look for a pattern if one is available if not and if I'm wrong please someone correct me.
If I couldn't find a pattern I would find something close and make my own modifications.
The fabric looks suede but i would look into a suede like fabric as a full suede suit can be quite warm. As for electronics I would hold off and focus on the suit first. Best of luck to you, and don't get discouraged rather get challenged and have fun...


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Check out SMP DESIGNS threads on here. He has put up many walk throughs on costumes like this. His work is brilliant and he posts the whole process. That's where I'd start.


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Oh wow :O Thank you AmitKer :D That helps me a lot! :D It was more complicated then I thought xD

Are you interested in her flight suit costume? I've been doing them for few months now and can make you look like you jumped right out the cockpit!
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