Captain Jack Harkness Vortex Manipulator


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So it's about time to start putting next year's Comic-Con outfit together, and I've decided to go as Captain Jack Harkness. The two things I'm mainly worried about are his Vortex Manipulator and his little Earpiece thingy. The rest is pretty standard fare. So has anyone had any successful buys with the vortex manipulator or the earpiece in the past? Or am I going to have to make them myself?
Zenix is the one that made the plate and buttons on Shapeways. There's a long thread where he documents the process, I think I started it so you can look through my threads to find it, probably easier that way.

As for the earpiece, one member on here pretty recently made a thread about the one they made, but I can't remember if they ever said how they did it.
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