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Now you can vote for me in the RPF COSTUME CONTEST

In August/September I started to think about making a halloween costume and to have something to enter the RPF costume contest with.
I checked around and with the Tintin movie that was on its way i thought WHY NOT HADDOCK.
I loved Tintin since I was a child and the few pictures that had been release for the movie did make his costume look not that hard to make. I also found pictures on the statue that Weta had printed from the CG files and that got me a 360 view of the Haddock costume.

My first thought was to sew a turtleneck shirt from blue fabric but then i would not get that knitted look that the movie Haddock had. I wanted to go for the movie Haddock and less the comic version.
I was lucky to find a Cap, and then a two white female cotton knitted turtlenecked sweater in a second hand store .
With the sweaters in my hands I started to look for ways to colour it.
Something i never done before.:confused
Before going any further I did a little photoshoping of a picture of what I had, Just to convince me that I could do it and that I would look the part.

unmodified Middle: Weta cg printed statue Right: Photoshoped picture

Next I needed a pipe, though the movie Haddock never had a pipe in the movie :( because smoking is bad. The comic book Haddock however had a pipe and that was a good part of what he was, A smoking, drinking, swearing sea captain.

I remembered that my late grandfather had left a few of his pipes after he died. So I asked my grandmother if she still had them and she sure did.
It still had years of tobacco/tar and nasty stuff inside it so it needed to get cleaned before i put that thing in my mouth.
And after a good cleaning :

Then i bought fabric colouring (navyblue) and stuffed two sweaters inside the washing machine. I thought for sure that i would ruin them and make them too dark.

But Success

When this picture was taken the sweather is still wet from the colouring.

Now i needed to add the anchor to the sweather.
I checked the designs on the movie one and could not find a image on the net that i could use so i had to make my own.

I printed it out and cut it out on black fabric and then sewed it onto the sweater

I started to work on his captain cap and found gold colored ribbons that i glued around the rim and for his medallion i used super sculpey to make the two pairs of "wings". The anchor part I had a hard time figuring out how to do, but later did one from scratch with styrene plastic that i carved with a exacto blade....and stuck the blade it into my thumb..:lol
I then pressed the anchor into a oval piece of clay that i had layed the "wings" onto. Made a mold of it with the last (and pretty old) silicone that i had. The mold came out ok ,a few small air bubbles and the silicone was a bit sticky but i used a little resin in the mold and got two medallions (one that i tried with metal powder but failed.)

In one of them i had inbedded pins so that it could be attached to the cap.
I started to paint it as i thought it looked from the few small pictures that i could find of it. It looked at first like it was painted Gold and silver for the anchor but i saw something that looked like whiteish colour for the bottom paint.
When it was ready and dry i gave it a weathering coat of black to bring out the details and then a clear coat to protect it. GOD!! I LOVE WEATHERING!!!

At this point my costume pretty much complete. I only needed to find a similer jacket that haddock has on the statue.

I was really lucky to find a jacket at a Second-hand store that matched it almost perfectly. (The statue one looks like it's of a thicker fabric)

I knew i was going to use a bottle of real Loch Lomond whiskey for a hand prop but i saw that on the statue they had given him a sea-man canvas bag to have over his shoulder. I looked in my fabric supply box and found this wonderful thick textures fabric that i continued to sew a bag from.

The statue bag had three black lines on it. I made those by using a black marker pen on the fabric with tape guidelines.

Now the costume was ready and i gotten a pair of black chinos for his pants.
It was time to do something about the beard. I had bought crepe hair a few years ago and still had a bunch of it.
But i went ahead and bought a "fullbeard" just to see how it would look.
That beard was connected by a rubber string around the back of the head, and two tape pieces on the cheeks. It was too thick and did not look convincing.

Crappy beard:

So i turned back to the Crepe hair and used the gray one to test out how to attach it the best way.

Looked pretty good :p

So late night yesterday I took on my costume and started to add beard pieces onto my face.

Soon I started to look like a Klingon.....or Mormon.

This one makes me look like Weta Designer Greg Broadmore:lol
Real Greg ---->

The beard looks a little lame and wild when it was not styled.

So a bit of cutting and shaping made it alot better:


Captain Badass

Just for the fun of it:

Just a little drink can't hurt Tintin!!

Captain Cuddles

Haddock find a bottle of fine whiskey

I'm going to keep on updating my costume next year by making a facial prosthetics nose. Haddock has a huge nose and it would be fun to have that as well. It's been a lot of blood sweat and tears on this build but it has been worth it to 100%

Thanks for watching and reading.
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Re: Captain Haddock

LOVE it Conny

Great work !

We have posted a link on our Facebook page


Re: Captain Haddock

Thanks CrowTeeRobot..

Im bumping my thread again...Would not have done it if not someone/somebody had tried to cheat in the Costume contest and made it only possible for Rpf members to vote.:darnkids:angry

So....any rpf member that thinks my costume should win , please vote.
Thank you
Last year i sculpted a large sized nose for my Haddock costume.
This year it was time to yet again go to the Con.
so at 6/4 i dressed up and went to Gothenburg where the Con was located (sweden) This time i was not as shy as i was before and had practiced posing for photos.
It was a blast !!!! Loads of people, young and old wanted to take their picture with Haddock :)


Haddock and Lady Deadpool

Haddock and Warhammer 40k guy.. made from camping mats.

Haddock and Darth vader

These guys i met last year, they go around to children hospitals and handout toys and makes appearances at company's to collect money for cancer research.
Batman seems to be wearing a UD replicas Dark knight rises suit. Last year he had some sort of soft plastic suit.

The Dynamic Trio

Cute chicks that wanted to take their picture with the Captain



The Ladies man

Some of the time I could only go a few meter before being stopped.


This guy was huge

The kids were amazed to see a cartoon character in the flesh







The Stars of the Con was





When i was on my way home people in the queue shouted "Your Costume is EPIC! ":thumbsup
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