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    Hi !
    The 8 years old son of a cowoker need a costume of Captain Future, better known in France as Capitaine Flam.
    It was a famous TV animation in the 80s for us !!
    It was for a little show of his sports club.
    His grandmother made the suit, I made the "armor" in foam.
    I designed it just with pictures from internet, with one of his tee-shirt for size.
    The shoulders need to be "free" cause of the show, with a lot of movements !!
    His father made some changes, but it was a little bite too large...

    And with the entire costume :

    He was very proud of his costume, the only one with a "real" amor, the other childs wearing just painted tee-shirts !
    At this show, some childs were cosplayed in Captain Harlock and Duke Fleed (Grandizer)
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