Captain America WWII WIP,Shield updates

payton paison

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I've been gathering all things I needed for a Cap WWII version costume. I've been into the WWII history since I was a kid. I thought to use that kind of approach. So I started with the helmet first. I did a triangle and round shield a few years ago so that's been taken care of.

I sprayed the helmet with an indigo blue ( wwwwaaaayyy too blue lol ) so i used a black/navy mix wash over the helmet a bunch of times. It gave it a weathered / battled look to it. I thought the stenciled "A" would be kind of cool and captain's bars on the back (normally on the front). I have a few other minor things I want to do with it. Thanks for looking.
Re: Captain America WWII Costume WIP

paratrooper pants came in today. i'm going to weather them and try to get them the right shade of blue, maybe like a worn pair of denim jeans

started working on a second triangle shield and round shield. does anyone know where i could find a template for the triangle shield? i want to have it battle worn, the first one is a medieval shield i painted thanks
Re: Captain America WWII Costume WIP

I love the helmet, I was going to make a World War 2 Cap, what clothes are you using, I'm trying to make a the most realist world war 2 cap, I'm new to costume making. Thanks for your help
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thanks jeff and hatman, i appreciate the compliments

i found the helmet online with the liner. i rolled it around in my driveway a couple times and then painted it. i may leave it the way it is or i might put a few small damaged areas in it and put a silver wash on just those spots

as far as the clothes etc, i grew up watching all the classic old war movies, so i used them as reference as well as the net for pics

Private Ryan, Band of Brother's, and Kelly's Heroes ( great movie with Clint Eastwood) are probably the best for WWII uniform ideas btw if u get a chance watch Kelly's Heroes Clint is bada** lol ( they need to work Clint in as old wolverine somehow in the next movie)

you can search the net ebay amazon etc for the clothes: paratrooper style pants, leggings, insignias, etc

i'll have new pics comig soon
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thank you, much appreciated

i like watching all the other members progress on their costumes
lots of talented people out there
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Thanks for the kind words

i noticed another thread about dyeing clothing

i have my paratroooper pants and their an off white color and i'm kinda apprehensive trying to color them just yet

my experience so far with dyeing of clothes is when my kids throw something in the wash that shouldnt be there lol

i'll def do a test for color on an old tshirt

does anybody have some ideas, any help will be greatly appreciated
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When clothes are dyed with RIT brand dye, a solution of salt and detergent is required, per their instructions to set the color in. I dyed some white shirts a dark blue in 5 gallon bucket over night in navy blue RIT once and there was no uniform to the coloring. Other than that I have nothing of value to add.
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I've had success dyeing fabric with Procion dye. It's for vat dyeing- Wide color selections & gave me better results than Rit did.

It's a pain in the ass to dye, but it has good results-

You'll need a container (doh!) and time-

You've got to stir the beast for 55 mins. :unsure Wear disposable gloves-
Follow the instructions and it should work out fine-

Soda Ash is usually added to set the color-

Keep in mind that if you throw it in the dryer, it may leech color off into the dryer- if so, scrubbing it with vinegar will take it off.

When dyeing fabrics, it really depends how well the dye will take, what the fabric is made of. 100% cotton works best, any of the man-made fabrics don't.

Great idea on dyeing paratrooper pants for WWII Cap! Look forward to seeing them!
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Payton, I like the paint job on the helmet...looks great. However, please take what I'm about to say as constructive criticism...

The helmet is wrong for WWII. A couple of modifications would be required...but it can be done.

The web chinstrap you currently have (with the metal clips that attach to the swivel bales) is very much post war. WWII chinstraps were khaki (OD#3), and were directly sewn to the bales. Also, the web chinstrap across the front of the helmet is incorrect. It should be a leather chinstrap that snaps into the helmet liner, not web. Without seeing photos of the liner, I don't know if that's an easy fix or not.

Finally, the helmet rim seam is at the rear. While not totally incorrect, it is a late war production tell. But, that's minor. The chinstraps are the more immediate incorrect items for a WWII based steel pot.
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Thanks Bountys Hunted. I appreciate the info and will give it a try. I was just going to wing it, but with Superdrool and your advice it makes it a lot easier. Thanks guys.

Bootlegger thanks for the compliment and the other info. You are right on the money. my older brother has been coaching me on the specifics and details of the regulation uniform ( he told me the same things you did lol )

I'm trying to get it to look as close as possible, if i had more access for expenses i would def go with what you said.

Thanks again guys
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Hi...great work, my friend...can you explain what a "wash" over is in regards to your paint?

Thank you for sharing and thanks for having me
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Thanks guys for the positive words. I've been working on this project but work has got me tied up so much that I haven't had time to do much.

The wash was black and navy water based paints (Wal Mart) mixed together in a container or cup with water.
Then just brush on the paint to the surface and wipe it off with a rag.
The longer the paint is on the surface, the more color retention, at least with this application.

If you have any grooves or anything like that, the wash will settle in those areas. It takes a little time to get the color you want and the amount of water in the cup will dilute the color also.

I had a plastic model of the The Thing (Marvel) years ago and used a black wash on it and it worked great.

My older brother did this on my red/orange Aurora T-Rex model waaaaayyyy back in the late 70's, omg lol is this already 2011 ? lol
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