Captain America WW2 Shield - new member (be gentle)


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G'Day all,
I'm new on here so please be gentle.
Used to be into the prop and costume thing 10 - 15 years ago. Bought an old car from the proceeds of selling off 99.9% of my Star Wars collection
My 12 year old daughter has been increasingly getting more and more into the Marvel franchise and is getting me sucked in as well. ( much to my wife's )
She is CRAZY over Captain America and wanted a shield for her to hang on her bedroom wall.
The round style of shield is a bit on the expensive side down here in Australia, so we decided on the earlier WW2 model (Please correct me if its called something else)
I must admit i had a heap of fun making it, and want to do another a bit more accurate although i was really happy with close i got it to the reference pics i had.

The next one i build i will go through the process i went through so that you all can make one ( if you want to that is )

11811459_757513847705087_1788463457797735405_n.jpg 11822747_757523774370761_2648832971401170761_n.jpg 11230779_758431227613349_4298370873437112577_n.jpg

Starbuck Cospla

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What did you make it out of? I just finished one for a costume build that I made out of photo mat board. Yours looks stunning! Love it! I'm sure your daughter loved it!


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Thanks for the comments guys.
It is made from a material called Di-bond or Alucabond (depending on brand)
It is a sheet of 3mm plastic with a thin layer of aluminum laminated on each side. Very light but also very strong and workable. Mainly its used in the sign industry for making signboards Was perfect for this build.


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It looks great. It's formally called a heater shield but most folks know it as caps ww2 shield and respect for supporting your daughters passion :)


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That looks really good and the material you chose seems to be prefect for your shield ( good choice and nice paint job or vinyl )
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