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Want to Buy Captain America uniform

Discussion in 'Want to Buy' started by Phxreaper, Aug 12, 2015.

  1. Phxreaper

    Phxreaper New Member

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    Good evening all its me again.

    i am looking for a new suit and the one I am after is an exact replica of either the captain America uniform from the first movie with everything apart from shield or the uniform from the second movie the winter soldier again with everything apart from shield.

    I am based in the UK Leeds to be more exact and would prefer is I could find someone closer to home to make sure I get the right fit as I am a big lad. I am on fb just search star clone hire or my name which is richard davey. I really hope there is someone who can help make a proper authentic suit for me. Pics of the suits below

    thanks for reading I look forward to hearing from you. image.jpg image.jpg
  2. ichibans13

    ichibans13 Active Member

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    If you check out the "project run" section, there are people selling bits and pieces. That might be your best bet, piecing it together. Also check out www.etsy.com I saw a few CA things on there.
  3. Phxreaper

    Phxreaper New Member

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    Thanks for that I will take a look could really do with comissioning someone to do the whole thing as don't really have much time for searching
  4. Phxreaper

    Phxreaper New Member

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    Good afternoon all I am looking to expand my costume base and hoping someone on here can help I would to commission someone to make an exact replica of either the captain America the first avenger uniform from the helmet all the way down to the boots, gloves and pistols, or even the captain America the winter soldier uniform preferrably the first but will be happy with either.

    i am happy to pay of course and I know everyone is more than likely busy with their own builds but there is no rush on this it can take as long or as short a time as you like you tell me.

    you can either contact me through here or send me a text if you are in UK as that would be better for the sizing thing I am happy to travel to you to make sure we have the size and all that please someone help I had no joy with my last thread.

    Thanks for reading
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