Captain America: The Winter Soldier Stealth Suit Build

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    Hey everyone, I'm making a Captain America[​IMG] cosplay for an upcoming con here in Honolulu so I decided to share my progress on here :) I'm making a budget cosplay because I'm only 15 and I dont have a huge budget so it can be broken down into five main parts, The Shirt, The Pants, The Shield, The Boots, and Accessories.

    The Shirt is just a navy blue dress shirt I found at the thrift shop for $7, its made of a lightweight stretchy material which makes it perfect for me as ill be moving around.

    I haven't found cargo pants that are a similar blue to the shirt so I'll update[​IMG] this thread when I find good pants.

    I'm planning on going to the hardware store[​IMG] soon to find a plastic or metal garbage can lid that I can paint/modify into the red white and blue shield. (I like it better than the stealth shield)

    For the boots I want to buy a pair of those cheap off brand combat boots from forever 21 mens.

    Accessories for this costume is really easy its just the shield hook backpack thing and the silver chest designs.
    captain-america-the-winter-soldier-director-on-caps-costume-preview.jpg Quarter-Scale-Captain-America-The-Winter-Soldier-Statue-Back-e1389898154627.jpg

    I bought a cheap belt from the thrift shop and cut it into the two front straps which will be glued onto the shirt, then I'll use another belt I already have for the back straps and some scrap cardboard & plastic for the piece on the back. For the silver chest designs I want to either do foam spray painted silver or foam wrapped in silver fabric, I have to see which would be cheaper first though. I'm not to sure about the star yet. The gloves are going to be some gloves I found at target[​IMG] that are like half leather half stretchy material. I made a sloppy paper template for the silver designs.

    I'll keep this thread updated[​IMG] till I finish the costume.
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    I made a shield out of cardboard and foil tape, im gonna try to make it smoother and paint it this week

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