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In the MCU they use two different kinds of buckles for the Captain America shield. The buckles in The First Avenger, and buckles used in every other movie. I already found the screen accurate other buckles, but for the life of me I cannot find the First Avengers buckles. Attached are some images of the shield. I can find plenty of buckles that would do that job, but for those of us who like 100% accuracy I'd like to find the exact buckles. You can see they are using some kind of ladder lock buckle (possibly called something else) that looks like two rectangles stuck together in a zigzag configuration. It's entirely possible (likely, even) that they custom made these buckles, but does anyone know if these can be purchased? They should be able to accommodate a 1.5 in (38mm) wide strap.

Again, I learned that they custom made the buckles used in all of the other movies and I was able to modify an existing buckle to identically match. So, I'm hoping this is a similar situation.


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