Captain America TFA fabric?


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So have you found any sources of the white HBT that aren't minimum order of five million yards? I'll I'm findin' are the Chinese mass producers .
I'm sorry this is a complete grave post. Would start a topic if I could. Not sure how I could have gone about this better. I've been looking for weeks now. Does anyone have any kind of leads or suggestions on a TFA fabric.

The only thing I have come up with is:

Blended Cotton - Tone on Tone2

the french blue on blue

Busts everywhere!

Well..... the original poster is STILL looking, with no luck. You'd think in Los Angeles with all the fabric stores around here, I'd find something. But no....


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Looks good but need to see it in person.
But that is from a tailors website... will they sell the fabric directly to the public?


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This also might be a bit far out, but I am also getting a sample piece of a white 1050 ballistic nylon fabric. I have read they used a dyed ballistic nylon with the herringbone pattern screen printed on. I figure if I like the nylon then I'll try dying it.

I've had a company screen print designs for a band I've played in, from which I know they do good work and can print on large scale fabric. So maybe if I can't find a replacement similar fabric then I'll just say screw it and go for the real deal.