Captain America TFA fabric?

I'd been involved in a thread on this subject in another forum, and there was a link to a herringbone fabric that looked reasonably close, but the angle on the pattern was a bit too severe and I was looking for a closer match.

Has anyone found a fabric they felt was really close in pattern and color?

Hey guys,

Trying to find someone so I can ask him about his costume. He is pictured in this thread. If you know any information please send me a message. On the second page of This Thread there are pictures posted in the 13th comment down. Within that comment the 11th picture down, featuring IronMan, Captain America TFA & Wolverine. It is the guy in the Captain America TFA costume I'm interested in getting in touch with. I've seen several pics of that same guy in the Cap America TFA costume from the San Diego Comic Con, but haven't been able to find out who he is or if he made his costume or not. Does anyone know if he made his costume, bought it or if he was hired as a model by the company to walk around in the costume?

Here are a couple more pics of him in the costume, from other websites:
Pic 1
Pic 2

I'm trying to find out who he is, or someone who knows him, so I can ask him about where he got his costume. The detail in his costume is fantastic and I am trying to put together a film accurate Captain America TFA costume.

Thanks in advance, any help anyone could offer would be fantastic. Hope you are all well.

Working on mine as well. Don't know how accurate it will be, but I've pre-ordered the Hot Toys figure for the best reference. I picked up some nice cotton canvas, and will be dyeing it for this.
well...... I looked at nylon fabrics and it didn't look right. Nylon was paper thin and 'brittle' looked more like sheet plastic than fabric.

haven't looked at any cotton canvas fabrics yet, stores around here are not exactly customer service oriented. Basically service sucks. No one will order anything, largely unwilling to answer questions, 'this is what we have' like it or leave it seems to be the norm.

still searching. Will probably give the cotton canvas a look, even though I suspect that isn't the correct fabric type. the blue especially is far too shiny for me to believe that it's a cotton/canvas based fabric.
Heres some fabric I pick for the Cap costume I'm making, its a herringbone wool.


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we have a 'Mood' fairly close by, my wife suggested I check it out. Will probably do that sometime in the next week.

@matthew.... any details on that fabric? that is something I'd probably settle for.The printed pattern that is on the fabric isn't quite a herringbone pattern, but unless you were being really nit picky, you wouldn't notice it.

Your find looks really good........
I got pretty much the same thing as Matthew. Pendleton gaberdine wool with herringbone pattern. The herringbone stripes are around 1/4". Although they used the rubberized ballistic nylon for the movie chances of me finding the nylon then getting the herringbone pattern printed is nil anyways so I went with the wool. It is nice and heavy and has a nice sheen to it so it looks very good. Got it on Ebay but i bought the girl out. Not sure where else you can get it. Where did you get yours Matthew?

Here it is laid over my leg for size. I still need to find the rest but this is a project for next year so i am in no hurry. I want to find the right webbing and other stuff.

Yes it's pretty close. I guesstamated the stripe count off the movie and came up with around 1/4"-3/8" stripes. Now that i have the 1/4" i think it is it. I think 3/8 would have been too thick.
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well the last four days have turned up exactly nothing. :angry

Google search every way imaginable...called or visited dozens of fabric stores.

No luck at all.

I really didn't think that this would be so hard to find.................
I'm sorry this is a complete grave post. Would start a topic if I could. Not sure how I could have gone about this better. I've been looking for weeks now. Does anyone have any kind of leads or suggestions on a TFA fabric.

The only thing I have come up with is:

Blended Cotton - Tone on Tone2

the french blue on blue

Busts everywhere!
Buy white cotton HBT and dye it French Blue. I think that is what I'm am left with also.

The only place have been able to find blue HBT for sale is a mass order for production out of China.
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