Captain America TFA "Bucky Rescue" - Better late than never...

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    This is going to be a long first post…. bear with me.

    Ok, so I have been a member of this forum since 2011 but have never posted before so here goes nothing. I have loved to get on here and see what all of you amazingly creative people have done. While I have made a few costumes for my wife, kids, and I in the past, with this one I decided to put it on here.

    I have spent countless hours reading over numerous threads regarding the Bucky Rescue costume from TFA and have decided to go for it. I ask that anyone viewing this be patient with me as a full time cop, a part time commander in the Army guard, and that fact that most days I am watching the kids while my wife is at work (she works first shift, I work second), my time is limited that I can put towards this costume, which is part of the reason I chose this version of Cap, since it seems to be the least labor intensive.

    Firstly I sat down and outlined the different components (some unnecessary) of the costume that I would need to pull this off. Realistically this is just for me and Halloween wear (though if I have a chance to get to a Con I will definitely wear it around), but that being said, I still want to be as true to the movie as possible, within reason. For a lot of the WWII specific gear I am looking to buy from At The Front, they seem pretty well recommended based on your threads.

    -Paratrooper Helmet w/liner (M2)
    -Infantry style nylon chin strap
    -Paratrooper style chin strap
    -Found one on ebay (see photos) pretty pleased with it, maybe some minor corrections needed
    - M1942 (re-enforced with left leg tie down taken off)
    -Officers khaki trouser belt (not really necessary)
    -M1923 Cartridge Belt
    -M1936 Suspenders
    -Map Case Strap
    -General Purpose Carrying Strap
    -Compass Pouch x2
    -USO Shirt
    -Brown Corcoran
    -M1938 leggings
    -.45 1911
    -1911 holster
    -M3 trench knife
    -M3 boot sheath
    -Paratrooper gloves
    -Compass (not really necessary)
    -Dog tags (not really necessary)

    Next in reading through the different threads related to this costume I came up with the following list of paint combinations based on what most people used:

    Helmet white/Shield base - Rustoleum Ultra cover white primer
    Helmet blue - Krylon oxford blue
    Shield blue - Krylon true blue
    Shield red - Krylon banner red
    Shield white - Krylon gloss white

    Still here? Good. So here are a few photos of what I have so far:

    Jacket Front.jpg Jacket Back.jpg
    -I really like this jacket (I’m actually wearing it as I type to help break it in) it seems pretty accurate to me, minus a few minor details (button closure vs snap closure, tightening straps are a little long).

    -I want to try and attach the white sleeves onto the USO style shirt that I have, but they are a stretchy material (athletic shirt) which makes me a little wary.

    -I like these goggles, but plan on changing the strap and adding some craft foam to cover the brown around the lenses.

    .45 in Box.jpg .45 grip safety.jpg
    -Really impressed with the 1911 airsoft I found on Amazon. Pretty accurate to include the grip safety on the back of the handle.

    Anyway that’s all I have for now, I will continue to post on here, but I have a long stent of military training out of state coming up so expect a gap for anyone that wants to follow. I encourage any thoughts, concerns, recommendations, or anything else relating to this build. Thanks.
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